Bessarabia -- Moldova -- Ukraine -- Chisinau -- Kishniev

Prince Serge Dmitrievich b. 1862


IAppointment as Governor of Bessarabia-Journey to St Petersburg-Peterhof and my presentation to the Czar-Plehve-First acquaintance with the Jewish Question Page 1
IIJourney to Bessarabia-Bendery-Arrival at Kishinev-Public feeling‑Reception and visits-Raaben and Ustrugov-Reception of a Jewish delegation-Change of public feeling-The burial of the Torah-Daily work of the Governor Page 10
IIIPolice-Provincial administration-Block-Basket tax-Treatment of Jewish conscripts-Troublesome foreigners-Compulsory furnishing of relays-Illegal taxes for the benefit of estate holders Page 27
IVThreat of massacres of the Jews (pogroms)-Arrival of an English diplomatist and of an American correspondent-Pogrom-feeling and the efforts to suppress it-Pronin and Krushevan-Dangerous symp­toms-Dr Kohan-Attitude of the Jews-Jewish self-defence-Temper of the police Page 42
VThe military courts at Kishinev-Three generals-My attitude towards the military courts-The role of the military at Kishinev-Lieutenant K_____; Lieutenant X_____ Page 56
VINobility in Bessarabia-Landlord P-The Krupenskis-The noblemen's school-The Zemstvo-The court-The April pogrom before the court-My view on the causes of the pogroms-The office of the Public Prosecutor   Page 64
VIIThe clergy—Armenian Church property—Property of foreign monas­teries — Viticultural schools — The custom-house — The Balsh Asylum Page 86
VIIIKishinev society—Customs and habits Page 96
IXProgress to Korneshty—Opposition of the rezeshi—Restoration of order —Thoughts on the allaying of popular excitement—Another case of peasant opposition to the legal demands of the authorities Page 103
XA tour through the province—Byeltzy—Soroki—The I C A—Khotin—Ismail—Wilkowo—Schabo Page 113
XIJourney to Roumania by imperial order—Jassy—The royal family of Roumania—The King's views on Russia—Carmen Sylva—The banquet in the City Hall Page 132
XIIThe Jewish question in Bessarabia—The Ministry asks me for a re-port on the same—My memorial—The legal and economic position of the Jews in Bessarabia—On the question of equal rights for Jews Page 142
XIIISt Petersburg in January, 1904—Declaration of war—The Czar and his view on the war—Plehve—Council for the consideration of the Jewish question—Deliberation of the governors on a project of reforms of rural administration—My transference to Kharkov—Prince Svyatopolk-Mirski—My call to Tver—Departure from Kishinev Page 171


tr. from the Russian and ed. b Herman Rosenthal; Translation of Zapiski gubernatora.

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