Adolescent Risk and Resilience

Adolescence is a time of tremendous development, change, and opportunity. As our teens grow from children into adults, they experience a great many social, physical, and neurological transitions that lay the foundation for a successful adulthood. Adolescent Resilience Research at the Center for Child and Family Well Being (CCFW) focuses on improving the lives of teenagers in our community by understanding and shaping developmental pathways towards socio-emotional health and well-being. Comprised of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Physicians from around the University of Washington, these dedicated scientists are committed to identifying changeable developmental pathways that lead to problem outcomes, deploying targeted interventions to interrupt the development of those problems and promote well being, and leveraging community partnerships to improve our science for the health and well being of our youth. 

Kevin King, Ph.D.

Kate McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Kym Ahrens, M.D.

Paula Nurius, Ph.D.

Carolyn McCarty, Ph.D.

Sarah Bowen, Ph.D.