Drop-in Session: Tools for Self-Compassion

Shayla Collins

About this Event

In this world, we receive so many messages about our shortcomings. How we internalize that impacts how we treat others and ourselves. As life long learners we have the opportunity to unpack this. In this session, we will collectively unpack these topics and explore tools for self-compassion that can support us and remind us that we are in this together.


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CCFW is pleased to offer these drop-in sessions for free. We welcome contributions to our Mindfulness Outreach Support Fund to increase the accessibility of our paid courses and community trainings for individuals working with children and families facing adversity. *

About the Presenter


Shayla Collins

Shayla Collins is a born and raised Seattleite, the mother of two boys, and a mindfulness facilitator for parents of children with special healthcare needs. Shayla is also a contract facilitator in CCFW’s community program, REAL Pro (Resilient Attitudes & Living for Professionals). She has been practicing mindfulness for almost four years and is adamant that the techniques she has learned should be shared with the world! And she loves chocolate.