CFAR/CFAS Community Action Board Research Consultations

The CAB is the link between CFAS/CFAR researchers and our communities, and our goal is to make sure that all people can benefit from scientific advances in prevention, treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS. The CAB provides constructive feedback and technical assistance to investigators on research proposals, research projects, grant applications, and grant implementation and dissemination in order to most effectively impact communities affected by HIV/AIDS.  CAB research review may include the following areas: how to recruit community members into studies, how to work with vulnerable populations, how to communicate research findings to communities after the study ends, ethics, memorandums of understanding, and other community-related issues.  Letters of support may be provided after a CAB research review. 

Value added by consultation with the CAB

  • Access to perspectives from hard to reach populations affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Improve feasibility and acceptability of research methods
  • Improve NIH review scoring
  • Access to expertise in Community-Based Participatory Research and consent processes

Table of Suggested Consultations with the CFAR CAB

Please contact CAB Manager, Joanna Bove (bovej at to schedule a consultation with the CAB.

For more information about the CFAR/CFAS CAB, please click here.