AIDS Clinical Conference Lecture: Biomedical Prevention for HIV Control: From Research to Reality

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Thomas Quinn, MD, MSc is a professor of medicine, epidemiology, international health, and molecular microbiology and immunology at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. His research interests include: Investigation of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical features of HIV/AIDS internationally. Interaction between STDs and tropical diseases on the natural history and spread of HIV/AIDS in developing countries. Recent research has examined the viral kinetics and transmission probabilities of HIV among discordant couples with the subsequent design and application of interventions including therapy to prevent transmission of HIV. Molecular studies have mapped the molecular epidemic of HIV on a global basis, linking virologic changes to the spread of HIV and measuring the demographic impact of the epidemic. Implementation of clinical care programs for HIV, STDs, and other infectious diseases while advocating for improved clinical education for African physicians and implementing public health policy from these and other research findings.

Webcast can be viewed here.