CFAR Seminar: John Mascola, MD - Structure-based vaccine design and B-cell ontogeny in the modern era of vaccinology

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Speaker: John Mascola, MD

Affiliation: National Institutes of Health, Vaccine Research Center

“Structure-based vaccine design and B-cell ontogeny in the modern era of vaccinology”

Dr. John Mascola is Director of the Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, U.S. National Institutes of Health. The VRC conducts research to develop vaccines and antibody-based prevention modalities for diseases of high public health impact, including HIV, influenza, ebola, respiratory syncytial virus, malaria and tuberculosis. Dr. Mascola’s background is in infectious diseases, viral immunology and vaccine research. His laboratory research focuses on structure-informed vaccine design and antibody-mediated protective immune responses, through studies of both the plasma antibody and B-cell compartments, including studies to understand the genetic and immunological characteristics that guide the development of neutralizing antibodies against viral pathogens.​​​

Webcast can be viewed here.