Announcing the Recipients for the 2018 International Infrastructure Awards


The UW/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) is delighted to announce this year’s International Infrastructure Awards. The Infrastructure Awards are designed to build capacity for UW-affiliated international HIV research activities. Direct costs are up to $10,000 per project.  

We are excited to announce that we have chosen the following awardees:

Dara Lehman, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist at Overbaugh Lab
Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington
Purchase of Freezerworks inventory software for specimen tracking at the University of Nairobi / University of Washington Collaborative Research Lab in Nairobi, Kenya

R. Scott McClelland, MD, MPH
Professor, Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine
University of Washington
Raising the perimeter wall for security purposes at the Ganjoni Clinic in Mombasa, Kenya

Lishomwa Ndhlovu, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Co-Applicant: Gabriel Loni Ekali, MD, MPH, University of Yaounde
Purchase of a refrigerated centrifuge and a cryoshipper for the Biotechnology Center at the University of Yaounde in Yaounde, Cameroon