Graduate Student & Post-Doc Fellow Workshop: Research Funding through NIH Diversity Supplements

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About NIH Diversity Supplements

Diversity supplements are awards of additional funds to a faculty member’s ongoing NIH grant to support a student’s research project and career development. They are intended to increase a diverse student body and future workforce. Supplements provide funding for research, professional development and academic support (tuition, stipend, benefits), with funding available for up to 5 years.

Supplements are directed to US citizens who self-identify as being part of an underrepresented racial/ethnic minority, individuals with  disabilities, or individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. For comprehensive information on the various ways to be eligible for this opportunity, please visit NIH's Diversity Matters: Get the Facts page.

Workshop Overview

This workshop is intended for eligible (details below) graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, interested in transitioning to independent researchers. Undergraduates that are interested in attending graduate school in the near future may also benefit.

Topics Include:

  • NEW Eligibility Criteria
  • Funding for tuition, stipend, benefits & more
  • Finding a Faculty Mentor and Project
  • Application Components
  • Process/Timeline
  • Perspectives from faculty and students who have been awarded at various career levels
  • Tips and lessons learned for successful applications

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