Research Aimed at the Reduction of New HIV infections in Youth & Research Aimed at the improvement in the Proportions of Youth Achieving Successive Milestones across the HIV Care Continuum

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The purpose of this RFP is to encourage collaboration among investigators and the ATN by providing funding support for scientifically meritorious research projects that address the research objectives of the ATN in order to augment the research areas of the ATN’s U19 Program projects already in progress. This funding opportunity is open to all investigators outside of ATN Principal Investigators whom are currently funded, with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research, whether or not they are currently affiliated with the ATN. Junior-level investigators paired with appropriate senior mentors are encouraged to apply to this RFP.

Up to six awards for two to five years are anticipated. Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. However, if the annual budget is expected to exceed $500,000 in total costs (inclusive of indirect costs) consultation with the ATN and NICHD will be needed. Contact Patrick Sullivan with questions

Letter of Intent: Applicant should submit a brief letter of intent that includes the proposed PI’s name and institution on letterhead, the names and institutional affiliations of all collaborating investigators, and the research area (specified by letter(s) above) by February 17, 2017 to facilitate the review.

Applicant Package: Applicants are asked to submit a package including the following documents by March 24, 2017:
• Cover Page with the title of the proposed investigation and the names and institutional affiliations of the PI and collaborating investigators
• A completed Concept Sheet in which the proposed investigation is to be described (no more than 10 pages with a minimum font size of 11), including the following:
--Research Proposal
--Significance and innovation
--Additional background and rationale, including information on preliminary studies and/or data pertinent to this application
--Description of potential ways to integrate with and/or utilize the ATN infrastructure (e.g., scientific cores, scientific expertise; see Appendix A)
--Human Subjects considerations, if applicable
• NIH biographical sketch for the Principal Investigator and other key personnel
• Budget and budget justification (in PHS 398 forms)
--Analytical and data management support will be covered separately by the network
Clearly describe the Research Project, including the project's objectives/aims. Discuss the significance of the work proposed and its scientific contribution to the aforementioned research area(s). The proposal must include a clearly articulated and justified developmental timeline with milestones and contingency plans for anticipated challenges.

Complete Call for Proposal here