University of Miami Health Promotion and Care Lab; Post-doctoral Associate

The Health Promotion and Care (H-PAC) lab, in The Department of Psychology at University of Miami, under the direction of Dr. Steven Safren, is seeking a full time post-doctoral associate to work with us on various studies related to HIV prevention and treatment; with a particular focus on local studies of HIV prevention among gay/bisexual and other men who have sex with men. The ideal candidate would be someone who can work independently, but make use of mentorship and available data for leading papers / analyses, and potentially starting mentored research. The two main funded research studies to work on would be:

1)Project ESTEEM - an R01 HIV prevention study focusing on reducing young gay and bisexual men’s (YGBM) co-occurring health risks by reducing the underlying cognitive, affective, and behavioral pathways through which minority stress impairs YGBM’s health --- collaboration with John Pachankis at Yale.

2)interventions to reduce stimulants use and increase safer sex (condoms or PrEP) in MSM with stimulants use disorder --- collaboration with Matthew Mimiaga at Brown. 

Additional studies include

3)An R01 study on treating depression and improving adherence with CBT in patients with HIV in S. Africa who have failed first line antiretroviral therapy. (collaboration with Mass General Hospital in Boston)

4)Project APPROACH - a domestic study that addresses psychosocial syndemics in HIV-infected patients with a detectable viral load as part of an ongoing K24 award.

5)An R01 study on addressing self-acceptance and HIV risk in MSM in India (collaborations in India as well as at MGH, Fenway Health, and Brown University). 

Additional studies in development. 


As part of the position, the post-doctoral associate will help the PI manage a program of research in Miami in behavioral aspects of HIV prevention and treatment. This position will involve ample opportunity for leading publications as a contributing or primary author, assisting with and potentially submitting independent or mentored grants, playing a strong role working closely with the PI and working with any student(s) and research assistants in this program, and being a study therapist (for licensure hours) on existing projects. The PI has a strong history of mentoring interns and post-docs, and helping them with publications and their own mentored and independent grant submission. The ideal candidate would be someone who would have completed his or her doctorate (or ABD and close to complete) in clinical psychology. Interested candidates should email Dr. Steven Safren at a CV, a cover letter, and names and contact information for 3 professional references.  Additionally, when the project is posted on the UM web-site, will be directed there for official application process.