Institute of Translational Health Sciences Pilot Awards

Closing Date

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) continually strives to fund novel, innovative, and collaborative translational and clinical research. To advance this mission, the ITHS Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies program is requesting applications for three funding categories to be awarded from 2018-2019. More information can be found on the ITHS website.


Research Innovation Award

The Research Innovation Award supports specific clinical or translational research questions that can also act as a vehicle to develop new methods, policies, or procedures that will aid in the conduct of research. 

Examples might include a new type of clinical trial design, statistical method, or a participant recruitment instrument to improve the conduct of clinical trials. The research project is a vehicle by which the new method can also be developed, tested, and validated.

Priority for support will be given to projects that, within the conduct of a specific research hypothesis, 1) address an important research barrier, 2) have the potential for achieving the goal of developing a new approach that could be generalized to different types of research, and 3) have a strong dissemination plan for that approach.

Award: Up to $100,000

Letter of Intent Due: July 15, 2017

Applications Due: August 15, 2017


Collaboration Innovation Awards

The Collaboration Innovation Awards are intended to encourage the development of new interdisciplinary collaborations between investigators in projects that address critical transitions in translational research.

The goal is to encourage new collaborations that address significant translational problems in innovative ways, have the potential to become long-term collaborations, and show a deep commitment to a common goal.

In addition to pilot funding, recipient teams will be invited to participate in interactive, in-person or on-line Team Science training. This highly sought-after training includes the formation of customized team agreements to support teams in reaching transdisciplinary research goals and help manage sharing credit for publications and products. These applications may address research-based outreach activities, or the ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding translational research.

Award: Up to $50,000

Letter of Intent Due: July 15, 2017

Applications Due: August 15, 2017


Academic / Community Partnership Research Awards

The Academic/ Community Partnership Award proposed work should focus on a problem, issue, or intervention that is important to the community. 

Projects could investigate a community-based health problem, disseminate evidence-based health innovations into practice, target health promotion/prevention, or examine ways to enhance or implement sustainable health programs in community settings.

Examples of previously funded projects include:

  • Tulalip Tribe and Montana State University investigators: Dissemination of an outreach and education instrument concerning chronic respiratory disease and woodstove use in tribal households.
  • Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic and University of Washington investigators: Impact of the patient centered medical home on health outcomes of low income patients with diabetes.

Award: Up to $20,000

Letter of Intent Due: July 15, 2017

Applications Due: August 15, 2017