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The Consortium on Early Childhood Intervention (CECI) constitutes the organizational structure within the UCEDD to promote and support activities, projects, and programs in the field of early childhood intervention. Central to CECI is the work of UCEDD faculty and trainees to develop, conduct, evaluate, and disseminate systematic, comprehensive, evidence-based, experiential early interventions carried out within a developmental-ecological framework. CECI focuses on diverse populations including children at risk for developmental problems due to biological and/or environmental factors, those with established developmental delays or disabilities, those with autism spectrum disorder, and those with sensory or motor disorders.

The integration of developmental, intervention, and implementation science during the early childhood period provides the overarching framework for CECI. Members of this UCEDD program address a wide range of topics emphasizing the effects of planned interventions and naturally occurring environmental influences on all aspects of children’s development, especially those affecting children’s cognitive, motor, social-emotional, social cognitive, and language development. Projects of special interest include an international professional training and dissemination organization, interventions to promote family and child mental health, and innovative strategies to support children’s language development.

A unique feature of CECI is its connection with the Early Intervention Collaborative Research Area of the CHDD’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC). Projects in the IDDRC involving genetics, biomarkers, and related scientific areas provide important translational potential. CECI also functions to support advanced professional training associated with other UCEDD programs.

Consortium on Early Childhood Intervention Projects

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