Nutrition Focus Newsletter

Contact: Beth Ogata (
Core Function: Information Dissemination

Nutrition Focus is an online newsletter that focuses on nutrition challenges of children with special health care needs and their families. The newsletter is written for health care providers and others who work with children with special health care needs. The goals of the newsletter are to increase awareness of nutrition and to share useful assessment and intervention strategies within the health care community. Continuing Education credit is available.

Each online article highlights a specific disorder or nutrition concern and offers practical suggestions and guidance for families and health care professionals. Sample topics include: Nutrition Issues for Children with Down syndrome; Intrauterine growth retardation and small for gestational age - Nutrition Management; Homemade blenderized tube feedings; Eating/feeding problems of children; Emergency Preparedness - Helping Families and their CSHCN,  Transition for adolescents with special health care needs to adult health care and nutrition services; Breastfeeding the infant with special health care needs, Pediatric Malnutrition, Weaning from Tube Feedings, and Family Centered Care.