Parent Autism Support Service (PASS)

Contact: Susan Adelman (
Core Function: Technical Assistance and Outreach Training

The Parent Autism Support Service (PASS) is a program structured to support parents in the early months after a diagnosis of autism. The PASS Program is run by the Parent Professional Partnership, also known as the Family Leadership Discipline of the University of Washington LEND program. Faculty and Family Trainees who have children with special needs, or are very knowledgeable of the services and support available to families of children with autism, provide follow-up to families one-week post diagnosis and then monthly for six months. During the six months, families are connected to providers within their local communities to continue to support them in the care of their child.

COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations have increased virtual services for some agencies. The PASS program is in the process of creating a video library to assist families new to developmental disabilities with vocabulary, resources and parenting strategies.

The PASS program has been in place for six years and has provided care coordination to over 150 families who have children newly diagnosed with autism at the University of Washington. Email for more information.