Child Health Notes

Contact: Sophie Maleng (
Core Function: Information Dissemination

The Child Health Notes (CHN) project provides health care providers in the community with a series of newsletters that contain current information on the early identification and management of special health and developmental concerns of infants, children and youth. The goal of the CHN project is to support community-based medical homes for children by facilitating partnerships among primary care providers, families, community early intervention providers and specialists. A medical home is a team approach to providing comprehensive primary health care services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.

The CHN newsletters are developed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, public health nurses, family resource coordinators, early intervention providers, childcare providers, and other community providers who participate in medical homes. Each newsletter includes information on a health or development topic, management suggestions for primary care practices, and local, state and national resources for professionals and families. The CHNs are customized and distributed electronically or in print by county medical home leadership network resource teams, local health jurisdictions, health plans or other health programs. Customized health notes include additional key resources and information for primary health care providers within their local area.