EEU - Infant Toddler Program

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Core Function: Clinical Services

The Infant and Toddler Program (ITP) serves children ages birth through 3 years. At the EEU we offer a variety of early-intervention services to meet the needs of families and their children. These services are delivered by different providers based on the area: special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists and family resource coordinators. The ITP provides intervention through inclusive playgroups where all children learn and play together. In addition to playgroups at the EEU, the ITP also serves children and their families by providing community and home-based services. These are determined by the needs of the child and the family and can take place in the home, at the center or in other community settings.

The ITP serves families in the King County area through contracts with the DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) and local school districts.

INFANT PLAYGROUP | The ITP offer a playgroup for newborn children to 12 months who have developmental delays. This is a weekly playgroup where parents and infants receive the support to address specific areas of need by each child as they arise throughout the year.

TODDLER PLAYGROUP | The ITP offers inclusive playgroups for children ages 1-3 years old. These twice-a-week sessions are inclusive, meaning that children with and without disabilities participate. At these sessions, toddlers work on socialization, communication, cognitive, self-help and motor skills and receive consultation services from occupational, physical and speech therapists.

DIRECT SERVICES | The ITP serves the EEU children and their families by providing direct services from occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and physical therapists in home, center and community settings as determined by the individual needs of the child and family.