UWAC Professional Training

Contact: Robin Talley (rtalley@uw.edu)
Core Function: Professional Training

The mission of the UWAC Professional Training Program is to provide high-quality training for community professionals, parents and caregivers, and students who interact with and serve individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across the Pacific Northwest.

  • Professional Training Program at UWAC: The UWAC offers a variety of training opportunities including year-round workshops focused on topics such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Bootcamp), the needs of newly diagnosed children (Stepping Stones), Educator Training Series, Addressing Challenging Behaviors, and ADOS-2 workshops.
  • Professional Training in the Community: The UWAC also provides in-service training and consultation to schools, community agencies, and mental health settings.  Services include workshops individualized to the needs of the requesting agency, classroom consultation, and student consultation (including IEP development and Functional Behavior Assessments).
  • Summer Workshop Series: Each summer, the UWAC partners with community agencies across the state to offer training opportunities to community professionals, educators, parents, and caregivers who interact with and serve individuals with ASD in rural areas that may not have a large community of autism specialists.
  • Seattle Teachers Autism Symposium (STAS): The UWAC hosts an annual symposium that is free of charge to educators in Washington.
  • APEX Summer Camp Counselor Training: Over 40 graduate and undergraduate students from around the world participate in an intensive 7-week clinical internship at the APEX Summer Camp program, including 2 weeks of training and 5 weeks of direct intervention using evidence-based practices.