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The Department of Chemistry occupies Bagley Hall, the Chemistry Building, and the Chemistry Library Building.  Together, they house labs, lecture halls, and offices for over 40 faculty and their research groups. Nearly 70 staff members assist and support the Chemistry teaching and research programs. Skilled personnel in the machine, electronics, and computer shops are ready to assist in the design and construction of special instrumentation.


Department instrumentation facilities include seven NMR spectrometers ranging in field strength from 200 MHz to 800 MHz, all equipped with Bruker consoles. A dedicated 700 MHz spectrometer handles solid state NMR needs. There is also a 10-GHz EPR spectrometer with cryogenic capabilities that extend to 2.5K.


The mass spectrometry facility includes spectrometers ranging from high-resolution magnetic sector instruments to ion traps. These instruments feature many ionization and detection options, and inlets via gas chromatograph, direct probe, liquid chromatograph and flow injection.


The Department operates two single crystal X-ray diffractometers with a CCD detector. Additional core instrumentation includes a variety of equipment for applications such spectrophotometry, elemental analysis, and gel scanning.


Department computing facilities include a compute cluster for theoretical chemistry work, which features 211 dual processor 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon nodes equipped with a total of 754 gigabytes of memory.

A page is available to view upcoming renovation events and news for both buildings.


Request facilities maintenance / repair. (Chemistry personnel only)

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