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Bismuth Trichloride Equilibrium



Bismuth Trichloride is toxic.  Avoid exposure.

Conc. HCl is corrosive and toxic.  Use care.

Chemicals and Solutions: 

0.1 BiCl3

Concentrated HCl

Distilled water


Large hydrometer with black tape

250 mL graduated cylinder

25 mL graduated cylinger

Stirring rod


Add 25 mL BiCl3into hydrometer.

Add 150 mL of water (white ppt forms)

Add 15 mL conc. HCl (dissolves ppt).

BiCl3 (aq) + H2O ↔ BiOCl(s) + HCl


(This demo shows effectively the same principle as the cobalt equilibrium demo.  The cobalt equilibrium demo shows principle with color rather than precipitate.)






To schedule a demonstration, please send an email to the demonstration lab.



Eric Camp

Lecture Demonstration Technician

Bagley Hall 171

(206) 543-1606


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