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Addition Reaction of Bromine to Cyclohexene



Bromine is highly toxic and reactive.  Use care.

Both cyclohexane and cyclohexene are very flammable.  Keep away from flames. Cyclohexene and cyclohexane have an irritating odor. 

Dichloromethane is a cancer suspect agent.

Chemicals and Solutions: 

Bromine solution (5% in dichloromethane)




2 hydrometer cylinders


Fill 1 cylinder 1/2 full with cyclohexane and fill the other 1/2 full with cyclohexene.

Add bromine solution to both cylinders.  Bromine adds across the double bond of cyclohexene forming a clear solution of trans-1,2-Dibromocyclohexane.  The cylinder containing cyclohexane remains colored.



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