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Replacement Reactions of Halogens



Methylene chloride is toxic.

Chlorine water and bromine water are corrosive and toxic.

Chemicals and Solutions: 

0.1M KCl

0.1M KBr

0.1M KI

Chlorine water

Bromine water

Iodine water

Methylene chloride


Three ringstands

Six 250 mL separatory funnels with stoppers

Six rings


Perform the following reactions in the separatory funnels, and extract each reaction mixture with methylene chloride in order to see the characteristic color of the halogen.

Cl2(g) + 2Br-(aq) è Br2(g)+ 2Cl-

Cl2(g) +2I-(aq) è I2(g) + 2Cl-

Br2(g) +2I-(aq) è I2(g) + 2Br-

Br2(g) +2Cl-(aq) è no reaction

I2(g) +2Br-(aq) è no reaction

I2(g) +2Cl-(aq) è no reaction

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