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Reaction of Sodium with Chlorine



Chlorine is toxic.  Fill cylinders only in the hood.

Sodium metal is highly reactive (reacting with both air and water). Keep it stored under oil. 

Chemicals and Solutions: 

chlorine gas

sodium metal


glass deflagrating spoon

large hydrometer with glass square cover

forceps and knife

burner and matches



Before class fill the hydrometer with chlorine gas and cover.

Using forceps and a knife, cut a pea sized piece of sodium metal .

Place the sodium in the glass deflagrating spoon and melt it using a burner

(The oil should burn off the surface)

Place the deflagrating spoon  of melted sodium in the chlorine and gently shake.

The orange glow of sodium reacting with chlorine will be seen.


Na + 1/2 Cl2 ---> NaCl              -411 kJ/mole


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