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WinXMorph is a program for Windows 2000, XP with which realistic still or animated crystal shapes (morphologies) are created from crystallographic data (metric, (hkl) - Miller indices and central distances) as input and *.wrl (VRML V2.0 utf8) files as output, that can be inserted on webpages.


Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP (2000/NT/XP recommended), high-color capable video card 10MB disk space

Download a Demo-Version of WinXMorph here (export-routines suppressed) (5.12MB exe)

Download windows html-help to see what the program does (1.32MB chm)

Tutorial on how to add virtual reality to a PowerPoint presentation (878KB ppt or 526KB zip)

Apply for the Full-Version License (free of charge for single academic users)

About WinXMorph and the Author

Author of the program and this text is Werner Kaminsky . He has a research faculty position in the Department for Chemistry of the University of Washington, Seattle in Washington, USA. Half of the time is now spent solving X-ray structures for the Department. The other half is dedicated to research and on rare occasions to projects like this: writing programs mainly for educational use.

"This Program was started during my vacation over the holidays in Cologne, Germany, winter 2003/2004. As such, it did not waste salary or other funding while working on this program and I want to share my pleasure of writing and using WinXMorph with members of educational institutions and friends of crystal in generals."

"My reason of writing a program to generate *.wrl files of crystal morphologies is simple: there are almost no such files on the internet (August.2004).  This will most likely change soon, and the beauty of crystal shapes will, so I hope, attract many."

VRML Browser Plugin

If you are running the Internet Explorer on a PC with Microsoft Windows, this page will try to install a VRML browser automatically.  A diamond should appear on the right.

If your system and browser are different, try the following links to install the Cortona VRML Client:

Further information on VRML Browsers and Plugins may be found at the website.

WinXMorph example screenshots (requires viewer)

VRML representation of quartz

VRML representation of K2SO4 dyed with Evans Blue
K2SO4 dyed with Evans Blue

VRML representation of Pyrite

VRML representation of a soccer ball
Soccer ball

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