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DRX499 Log Book

Welcome to the Chemistry NMR Online Log Book – your  One Stop portal to communicate about the spectrometer to the Facility Staff in a timely manner. 

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190 Responses to “DRX499 Log Book”

  • Parker Maloney says:

    IconNMR software froze during a proton. I was able to eject my sample with the BSMS, but not able to logout of the program.

  • Tori says:

    Error message: Connection to dataserver failed

  • Tori says:

    The iconnmr software is not working at all. It won’t even eject my sample, it just says the eject command failed.

  • Tori says:

    Error message: ProcessTable: Timeout occured when starting child processes: Interrupted system call

  • Tori says:

    Got this error message today
    The NMR I took looked fine though.

    DspClientStop fflush: Broken pipe
    DspClientStop fflush: Broken pipe
    DspClientStop fflush: Broken pipe

  • Parker Maloney says:

    Trying to take proton NMRs, but peaks are broad and I see almost no splitting. Wobb curve looks fine and seems to lock fine. Using d6-acetone.

  • Parker Maloney says:

    When using new longD1 experiment get ‘Error: bad window path name “.new.visual.params.menu.esp.proton” when clicking on parameter menu. Works fine for any other experiment.

  • Delwin Elder says:

    Sample eject, shimming, and acquisition failed.

  • Eric Riesel says:

    The wobb curve for 19F is very very wavy and continues to move

  • Adrienne Roehrich says:

    The system issue has been remedied and the drx499 is functioning normally.

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