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intersections was previously published online two and three times yearly and featured challenging undergraduate work from students around the world in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. For information on its current incarnation, visit CHID online

call for papers

For information on the current Call for Submissions, visit CHID online.

file format

All submissions must be emailed as Microsoft Word attachments [PDF files will not be accepted].

document formatting

If your paper contains a table of contents and/or an index, please delete. Create a cover page that includes the full article title, your name, your current contact information, an abstract, and a short, academically-oriented bio.


If your submission employs parenthetical citation conventions such as APA, ASA, or Chicago, we ask that you convert your citations to footnotes.

Please take a look at this conversion guide to see how you can convert a paranthetically cited paper into one that uses footnotes. It is not comprehensive, but it will expedidite the editorial process on our end.

graphic data & illustrations

If your submission has graphic data or images, please make sure each element is titled or captioned. Please do not send us tables and charts that have been copied and pasted from other sources (a violation of copyright law).

If you use data from other sources for your tables or charts, they must be:

  1. created/recreated in Microsoft Word;
  2. remain fully editable for formatting purposes; and
  3. include complete source information [author(s), article title, journal/book title, publisher, and page number].