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Below are four of the 94 pieces of pottery from this tomb.  Pottery found in Dawenkou tombs varied greatly in shape and size.  Keep the shapes of these pottery pieces in mind when you look at later bronzes.

Much of Neolithic pottery is decorated with geometric designs.  Although these designs appear purely abstract, some of them may be derived from forms in nature.


Can you imagine what kinds of organic forms might have inspired the decoration on this vessel?  How does the decoration and color scheme complement the shape of the pottery?




How do you think this pottery was made?  


Height: 17.2cm                       source


 Below are two more pots from this tomb:


Height: 13.4cm                           source

Height: 28.3cm                                  source


What animal is the lower piece meant to represent? What was the significance of this animal?


Ceramic vessel   

Height: 22cm  Length: 25cm                source          

Detail                                               source



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