Piece Mold Techniques

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To make a bronze vessel, a clay model of the bronze vessel-to-be had to be fashioned.  When it hardened, soft clay was pressed against it, taking on the negative impression of both its shape and decoration.  These clay pieces were removed in sections to form the piece-molds.  The model was then shaved down to become the core ( the walls of the bronze vessel would exactly equal in thickness this layer that had been shaved off).  The piece-molds were then reassembled around the core.  Molten bronze would then be poured into the space between the mold and the core.  After cooling, the mold pieces were removed.  Pre-cast appendages were often inserted into the core-mold assemblage before casting; when the vessel was produced, they became locked into place as the metal was poured in.    





What does this sophisticated method of casting bronze imply about the level of ceramic technology during the same period?

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