Eighties and Nineties

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By the 1980s and 1990s, dress in China had become extremely diverse, with fashion-consciousness especially pronounced in the large cities.


Is there anything about the people in the three scenes below from 1990s Beijing that could not have been seen in a large US city of the same date?

People on the streets of Beijing in the mid 1990s                                                                source


Do the people at these two market scenes seem more distinctively Chinese than the ones above?  What is different about their appearance? 

Buying and selling watermelons on the street                                 source

  1996 market scene                                                                         source

How would you describe the clothing choices of the people seen on this street in Hong Kong in the late 1980s?

Hong Kong street, late 1980s                                                                 source

In what ways does this scene of Shanghai in 2001 resemble Hong Kong as seen above?  What is different?

Shanghai shopping street, 2001                                                        source

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