Spears and Clubs

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Traditional weapons such as spears, axes, clubs and swords remained in use into the twentieth century, never fully supplanted by firearms

Below are samples of some long-handled weapons from Essentials of the Military Arts. The handles of clubs, maces, and axes could be up to three or four meters long. 

In what situations would long-handled weapons be preferred over ones with short handles?              

Two-edged sword


"Iron whip"


"Wolf-tooth mace"source

Big axe




The general to the left, from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is holding under his arm a long-handled halberd with a long blade. 







Armored general with halberd   source

Below are three scenes from The Water Margin showing various weapons in use.

Cavalry fighting                   source

Bombarding attackers        source


How many weapons in these pictures can you identify ?

What kind of comparisons and contrasts can be drawn between this army and a medieval European army on parade? 






On parade                                                        source 


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