How secure are my records? Are they kept confidential?


Email Security: Students are encouraged to submit the HSIP form and supporting documentation via email at myshots@uw.edu. We recommend students use their UW net ID account (@uw.edu) to increase the security of electronic communication with HSIP.  We do receive HSIP forms from students who use gmail or other outside accounts, but as a rule, we reply to and use students’ UW email addresses whenever possible.

Records Security: Records are stored on a secured UW Medicine database server. Our IT Services has established and manages a comprehensive Security Program to be in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule [45 CRF Parts 160, 162, and 164], RCW 42.17 [Public Records – Personal Information – Notice of Security Breaches], and various other federal and state security laws. 

Records Confidentiality: Documentation occurs in a combined student/employee electronic database. Records are kept and maintained under the auspices of FERPA, federal law governing educational records.  Where these laws do not conflict, these records are also maintained in compliance with HIPAA. Information submitted to HSIP may be discussed, communicated, and/or shared with the students’ school/program on a need-to-know basis prior to and during placement at practicum or clinical sites of practice.