What is the waiver process? I don’t want to (or can’t) receive one of the required vaccines.


Our waiver procedure is detailed in the “Requirements for Compliance” Policy posted on our website. HSIP grants waivers only for documented medical conditions for which there is a vaccine contraindication, based on the standards of care at the University of Washington. 

Students must submit a signed statement from a medical doctor (MD) stating what vaccine is contraindicated, the reasons with documentation for the contraindication, and the duration for which the vaccine is contraindicated. The HSIP medical director will review and determine if the standard for medical contraindication is valid, and the student will be notified. If the standards are not met, the student will need to comply with the requirements. 

If the standards are met, the student and school/program are notified. Students may be limited in clinical sites/situations where they can be placed with a waiver but if possible, the school/program accommodates the student based on their particular need. 

Waivers for non-medical (personal) reasons are outside the scope of HSIP. In general, most schools/programs do not allow personal waivers. However, students who wish to discuss personal waivers of certain requirements should speak with the compliance officer or contact person for their particular health sciences school/program. Each school/program has different policies in place and may or may not allow the waiver of a specific requirement.