When you are accepted as a student into a University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences school/program, you are beginning your career as a health professional. During your coursework, training, and future health care career, you may be in close contact with ill clients and patients. You may be at high risk for certain infections, and if you become ill, you may pose a high risk to vulnerable client and patient populations with whom you work.

For your safety and the safety of your clients and patients, the UW affiliation agreements with clinical and practicum training sites require that you complete and document immunizations, as well as initial and annual testing for tuberculosis, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Health Care Personnel (HCP). This page has information about how to meet these requirements. Click any of the following links to get more information about that topic:

Table of Contents:

For new students (just entering a health sciences program)

For new students and students continuing in a health sciences program: 


New Students: HSIP Requirements and Forms

Notice to students starting 6/1/18 (summer quarter) or later: You must wait for updated forms and instructions to be posted on this website in March 2018. DO NOT follow the instructions below or submit any documentation to myshots@uw.edu. Forms and documents will be rejected.

If you are entering a health sciences program prior to 6/1/18 (summer quarter), complete the following steps to meet the immunization and TB screening requirements:

  1. Download and carefully read the two-page HSIP Immunization Form. Read the form completely. It has details about all of the required immunizations for health sciences students and acceptable documentation.
  2. Download and carefully read the two-page HSIP TB Screening Form, which includes details about the initial and annual TB screening requirements. Please note: a) You will need to choose the correct form for your Health Sciences school/program from among the four options, and b) Each program has a different timeline for completing the form. Follow the timeline you were given by your program.
  3. Gather your immunization records. These records may be from multiple sources, e.g., childhood records and employee health summaries. If your immunization records are at a facility, such as Hall Health, UWMC, or another hospital employee health clinic, obtain a copy of those records. Here are some tips for locating old immunization records.
  4. Make an appointment with a health care provider. This could be your primary care provider, an employee health nurse at your place of employment, or another health care provider. You will need a provider to review and verify your records, and sign the required form(s). Make a scanned copy of the documents you receive from the provider. If you do not currently have a health care provider, the Health Care Resources section of this website may be of assistance. (If you are a currently enrolled student, you can check with your student health service to find out if one of their health care providers can help you fulfill the HSIP immunization documentation requirements.)
  5. Scan and send via email the completed form(s) and required documentation to myshots@uw.edu. Include in the body of your email: your name, your UW Student ID#, and which Health Sciences program you’re in. Email is preferred, but you may also fax the form(s)/documents to 206-616-8434. After faxing, please email myshots@uw.edu to confirm that records were received and legible. Always keep a copy of the documentation for your personal records. When your email was received, you will receive an automated reply from myshots@uw.edu. In addition, HSIP staff will send an email reply after faxed or scanned documents are reviewed to advise whether they are complete or whether we need further information. If you do not receive the automated reply or an email from HSIP staff, your documents may not have been received; in that case, please resend them. Please note: HSIP is not part of a campus student health service, and we do not have access to students’ HIPAA-protected medical records. If you have immunization records at a student health service or community clinic, obtain your records and send them to HSIP at myshots@uw.edu.
  6. Make sure HSIP receives all required documentation at least two months prior to the first day of classes, or sooner if your school/program gave you a specific deadline. If you are entering clinical or practicum sites in summer quarter, or will have patient contact at the start of your program, submit the information as soon as possible (preferably one month prior to the start of classes).
  7. If your Hepatitis B series or titer is “in process,” go ahead and submit your documentation, and send additional information as you progress in the series. HSIP will track your progress in completing this requirement. Your course registration will be held each quarter if you fail to stay on track. Email scanned copies of documentation for each dose of vaccine and the quantitative titer lab report to myshots@uw.edu. Include in the text of your email: your name, your UW Student ID#, and which Health Sciences program you’re in. Keep a copy of each item for your personal records. NOTE: You’ll need a minimum of three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, plus a quantitative titer. The CDC recommends that students complete their three-dose series prior to contact with patients or body fluids. This means you should start meeting the requirement as soon as possible after admission to your program.

See the explanation on the forms or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of this website. Or contact the HSIP staff:
HSIP voicemail: 206-616-9074
E-mail: myshots@uw.edu (Please include the question topic in the subject line.)



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