Eating and Endocrine Disorders


Obesity is a health problem that affects 17% of children and teens in theUnited States, and the rates of diabetes and other comorbidities are still rising. Today there are three times as many obese children and teens as there were 20 years ago.  Investigators at CIBR are studying the neural aspects of eating and endocrine disorders in an effort to better understand childhood obesity and its treatment.  We are using a variety of methods, including animal models (brain lesion, dietary, and genetic), endocrine studies, functional brain imaging (fMRI), and investigations of the eating-related neural and behavioral consequences of damage to specific brain structures that occurs in patients with certain brain tumors.

CIBR Investigators:

  • Christian Roth, MD
  • Elizabeth Aylward, PhD
  • Franck Kalume, PhD
  • Soo-Jeong Kim, MD

Current Projects:

Recent Publications in Eating and Endocrine Disorders Click here

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