Brain Imaging – Bioimage Suite

Drs. Edward J. Novotny, Sandy Poliachik, and Jeffrey Ojemann, in conjunction Dr. Papademetris at Yale, are working on the development of standardized integration interfaces for medical image analysis that will enable researchers to easily and seamlessly combine image analysis algorithms from a variety of sources to accomplish complex analysis of their data. This integration will, in particular, enable newer and more effective algorithms to be adopted by the medical imaging user community without them having to be officially reimplemented and integrated into larger software packages. Rather, such algorithms could be designed to be available as standard plugins, in the same way that plugins are used in web browsers, and integrated by the users themselves in their customized workflows.

The software is used regularly by the Epilepsy Program for both clinical and research purposes.  This platform permits integration of brain imaging data acquired on different imaging systems including MRI, CT Scan, PET, SPECT, and MEG. The co-registered images are imported into image guided navigation systems in the operating room to improve the information based on which a surgeon makes critical decisions.  This ultimately leads to improved patient safety and outcomes.

The images below demonstrate coregistration of these modalities on patients being evaluated and undergoing epilepsy surgery.

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