Technology & Innovation Centers

We have developed Technology and Innovation Centers (TICs) in 6 areas:  Electrophysiology and Optogenetic Technology, Mouse Genetics, High-Resolution Optical Microscopy Imaging, Lentivector Production, In Vivo Ensemble Recordings, and Animal Behavior Models.  TICs involve equipment, skills, and technical expertise that investigators are willing to share with other CIBR Members, Affiliate Members, and researchers from other SCRI Centers, as well as investigators from outside institutions.  We do not have fee structures for these services or equipment use, and as such TICs are not considered Core Facilities.  Although it is not possible for CIBR faculty to provide unlimited assistance and access to outside investigators, the TICs allow them to develop collaborative efforts involving these technologies on a case-by-case basis.

High-Resolution Optical Microscopy Imaging

Electrophysiology and Optogenetics

Mouse Genetics

Lentivector Production

Neuronal Ensemble Recording

Animal Behavior Models


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