Mouse Genetics Technology and Innovation Center

Mouse Genetics Technology and Innovation Core

The Millen Lab has extensive expertise in Mouse Genetics technology. We can assist other investigators in project design, mouse husbandry. As a resource for CIBR we maintain a list of useful mouse strains (ex cre-mice, reporter mice etc) held by various CIBR investigators so we can more productive share reagents. We are particularly focused on advancing mouse ES cell technology. We routinely conduct ES cell gene targeting experiments and generate mouse ES cell chimeras. We can now derive ES cell lines from any genetic background, which is useful to maintain complex compound mutant strains of mice and are using mutant-derived ES cells as sensitized backgrounds for further genetic manipulations. We are also actively working to increase efficiency of ES cell chimera generation, optimize genetic backgrounds for manipulating gene expression and establish innovative RNAi knock-down technologies to model human genetic disease.

Images from the Millen lab

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