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Jake Fiddler

Black Panther Party - Seattle

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Jake Fiddler was born in Houlka, Mississippi but grew up and went to school in Missouri. He spent some time in Job Corps in Idaho before moving to Seattle with his brother. Fiddler became interested in Seattle’s Black Panther Party in 1968. After joining the Party, he became Elmer Dixon’s bodyguard and also Circulation and Distribution Manager for the Black Panther Party’s newspaper. Fiddler’s refusal to register for the draft and his activities with the Black Panthers made him a constant target for the Seattle Police Department. He left Seattle in 1970.

In a video-taped interview conducted by Janet Jones on June 4, 2005, Jake Fiddler shared memories of his activist experiences. He remembers his days with the Black Panthers as one of the best times in his life.Here are streaming-video excerpts. Video editing by Nathan Roberts.