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Seattle Black Panther Party History and Memory Project

Black Panthers Tell Their Stories

Slideshow with Video Segments (Enlarge Full Screen Below)

The Black Panther Party made a major impact on Seattle. With their black berets, leather jackets, and commitment to armed self defense, the Panthers became role models to some, scared others. Either way, the organization showed Seattle that struggles for racial justice had moved beyond persuasion and nonviolent protest. This slide show introduces the special section on Seattle's Black Panther Party. In videotaped oral history segments, former Panthers talk about their reasons for joining the Party and their experiences in the organization. Former mayor Wes Uhlman tells of FBI plans to raid Panther headquarters and his reasons for intervening to prevent bloodshed. The slide show begins by establishing the background of segregation facing African Americans in Seattle. Also included are key Panther documents and riveting photographs.