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Shamseddin Williams

Black Panther Party - Seattle

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Shamseddin “Shomps” Williams, son of Panther member and former pro-football star, Malcolm Williams, grew up in the Black Panther Party in Seattle in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  As a child, he witnessed both dramatic confrontations and day-to-day  Party’s activities. 

Williams’s interview offers insight into the BPP’s community programs for children, particularly the breakfast program, as well as the high security and militarized nature of the Party during those years.  His recollection also highlights the significant impact of the Party on a younger generation. Through his father’s influence, Williams became an activist and is involved in ongoing struggles for social justice.

Shomps Williams discussed his experiences in the Black Panther Party in a videotaped interview conducted by Janet Jones on Jul 13, 2005.