Keep the ghouls from taking over!

Ghostlight is a free, Halloween-themed puzzle game created by the University of Washington Bothell’s Digital Future Lab and Game-Themed Research Group that places you and your trusty ghost-busting flashlight in a battle of wits against an army of ghosts, ghouls, fiends, and other creatures of the night. Can you scare away the monsters before they overwhelm you and claim the spooky mansion for their own?

Monsters with unique abilities will work together to thwart your attempts to scare them away! Fortunately you have some in-game friends to help you, and your flashlight comes equipped with a few special beams to take the ghouls by surprise. Five game modes and a variety of haunted environments will test your skill and strategy!

DISCLAIMER: Ghostlight is a preview release and represents work in progress. The software will continue to be updated over the coming weeks and months as we add content and address bugs and issues. You must read and accept the End User License Agreement included with the software prior to first use.

System Requirements

Ghostlight should run well on recent PC and Mac systems. The game is optimized for 1920×1080 screen resolution, and you can choose from a number of standard resolution and quality settings when you launch the game.  If  you’re using a newer mid-range or better PC or Mac and have a dedicated graphics card, try running at “fantastic” quality;  if the game encounters performance issues, try reducing the quality to “good” or “fast”.

NOTE: some monitors and systems do not support 1920×1080 resolutions. The launcher will only present supported resolutions for your hardware configuration.

Download Instructions for Windows PC

You can download either a standalone installer or a zip file containing all required files; choose the zip file if you’re not using an account with administrator privileges.

Standalone installer instructions

Download GhostLightSetup.exe to your local drive, double-click and choose “run” and set the desired location for the installation (the default location is \Program Files (x86)\Digital Future Lab\). If you receive a security warning, choose “install anyway”.

NOTE for Windows 8 users: Windows 8 may block the install and you must click “more info” from the warning screen before you’re able to select “install anyway”.

When the program is installed,  double-click on GhostLight.exe to launch the game.

Arrow-Download-4-icon Download the installer for Windows (if you’re an administrator on your PC)

.zip file instructions (no install required)

Download and extract both the executable file and data folder to the same location. Double-click on GhostLight.exe to launch the game.

NOTE: both the executable and the data folder must be extracted to the same location for the game to run (side-by-side in the same directory) — do not put the executable inside the game data folder.

NOTE for Windows 8 users: Windows 8 may block the program from running,  and you must click “more info” from the warning screen before you’re able to select “run anyway”.

Arrow-Download-4-icon Download the .zip file for Windows (if you’re not an administrator on your PC)

Download for Apple Mac

The Mac package link below will download a file called GhostlightRelease to your download folder. Double-click on that file.

If you see the message “GhostlightRelease is an application downloaded from the internet – are you sure you want to open it?” Click “open” and the game will run.

If you see the message: “GhostlightRelease can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” you must navigate to your system preferences, click on “security and privacy”, and then click on the lock icon to change which apps you allow to run. You’ll be asked to validate your password, and after doing so change the “Mac App Store” default setting to “Anywhere” which will allow you to run programs downloaded from locations other than the App Store.

Arrow-Download-4-icon Download the Mac package






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