Space Smasher


For Teaching

    • Conditionals: if and case statements
    • Repetitions: for and while loops

The Game

Development Support

Sample Teaching Materials


    • Creative Director: Jason Pace
    • Producer: Kelvin Sung
    • Design Lead: Emmett Scout
    • Art Lead: Nathan Evers
    • Developers:
      • Lead: Daniel Azus
      • Dipen Patel, Fernando Arnez, Michael Letter
      • Game Engine: Jabediah Pavelas, Jack Chang, Daniel Azus, Fernando Arnez
    • Audio: Kyle Kraus
    • QA: Chris Sullivan, Abigail Carey, Maia Stiber, Abdulaziz Alzaben
    • Project Management: Elliott White, Cassi Bruner
    • Project Coordinator: Aina Braxton
    • Game API Advisor: Michael Panitz, Kelvin Sung