Apply to Certificate Programs

The application for the online Computational Finance Certificate program, along with additional information from UW PCE, can be found here. Single course enrollment is also available.

Applications for the Certificate program will be accepted through August 21st, 2015. For more information about the Certificate program, please send an email to Assistant Director of Academic Programs, Matt Austin, at: 'maustin[at]'.

There is a $50 nonrefundable Certificate program application fee.

Applying Certificate Courses Toward The MS-CFRM Degree

Students will often take the Computational Finance certificate program with the thought that they may subsequently want to enter the MS-CFRM degree program. Upon successful completion of the certificate with a strong grade point average (GPA) and acceptance into the MS-CFRM program, such students will be able to apply up to 12 of their course credits toward the MS-CFRM degree.

Considering the MS-CFRM degree after a certificate? Then submit an application through the Graduate School for UW Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) status when applying for one of the certificate programs.

For more information about GNM status, visit the Graduate School.

For admission, please apply by filling out the online application with the Graduate School here.

  • For "Application Type," GNM applicants should select "Graduate Non-Matriculated"
  • For "Graduate Program," please select "Computational Finance and Risk Management"