CF&RM Certificates

Pursue a MS-CFRM degree with graduate credit from the Computational Finance certificate. Upon successful completion of the certificate program courses and acceptance into the MS-CFRM program, students will be able to transfer up to 12 certificate credits toward the MS degree.

If you are considering this option, you must apply for UW Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) status at the same time you apply to the certificate program. Details are provided in the Graduate Non-Matriculated Application.

Finance industry professionals and other students taking a course in one of the Certificate programs, possibly on a single course enrollment (SCE) basis, may wish to take the course on a pass or fail basis. Such students may elect to have a course graded S/NS by paying a $20 fee at the time of registering for the course or until approximately the 8th week of the course. For option details please see Nontraditional Grading Options.

NOTE: This option is not recommended for students with GNM status who intend to pursue the MS-CFRM degree. Numeric grades are required for courses whose credit is to be applied toward the MS degree.