MS-CFRM Preparatory Courses


Pre-Program Courses

CFRM 460 (3)
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance
CFRM 462 (5)
Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics
CFRM 461 (3)
Probability and Statistics for Computational Finance
CFRM 463 (1)
R-Programming for Quantitative Finance


Course offering times:

CFRM 460: winter and summer quarters

CFRM 461: spring and summer quarters

CFRM 462: summer quarter

CFRM 463: summer quarter and as a September three-week "early-start" (Sept 8-29th, 2015), prior to start of official autumn quarter


These University of Washington Applied Mathematics credit courses provide education in fundamentals of mathematics, statistics, financial econometrics and R programming with a view toward application in quantitative and computational finance. Each course will develop competencies needed for entering the MS-CFRM degree program. As such these courses are designed to meet the needs of the following types of individuals: 

  1.  Individuals who wish to pursue a career in quantitative or computational finance but have been working for some time and need to brush up on one or more of the subject-matter areas.
  2.  Undergraduate juniors and graduating seniors who to pursue a career in quantitative or computational finance and as such would benefit from the broad range of skills contained in the above courses.