Non-Degree Admissions

Our non-degree options, which include a graduate-level certificate or individual courses, have somewhat relaxed requirements and standards compared to the MS program.  As a result, these options are attractive for students preparing for a future graduate degree or who were unsuccessful in their CFRM MS applications.

Computational Finance Certificate

Applicants to a Computational Finance certificate program should prepare a one-page letter of application and provide a current resume and detailed academic history, including transcripts.  No test scores or recommendation letters are required. International students do not require any kind of visa, as the certificate programs are fully online.  Please apply on the CFRM website directly (linked below).

Students who are approved to enroll will be given instructions on how to complete the PCE application and registration process.  Admitted students to the Computational Finance certificate who wish to reserve the option to apply up to 12 credits toward the CFRM-MS at a later date should complete a GNM application with the UW Graduate School.

Single Course Study

Please determine which course(s) you want to take and follow the instructions on the application page below (or via the “Apply Now” link above).  As a reminder, applicants must meet all course prerequisites.

Regarding Prerequisites

Each course or certificate program listed on this website includes information on prerequisites.  These are minimum requirements established by our faculty for students to have a fair chance of success in the course.  The skills required should be recent and complete such that you retain a full working knowledge of the subject.  Completion of a relevant course 10+ years ago, AP credit from a high school calculus course, basic “survey” courses or “calculus for business” classes do not constitute adequate preparation.

Prerequisites exist for your benefit, not that of the CFRM program.  Dated or inadequate preparation results in students failing to complete the coursework or struggling beyond the level of a reasonable intellectual challenge.

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