David Cariño

Research Fellow
Russell Investments


B.S.E., Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T., 1976; M.S., Electrical Engineering M.I.T., 1977; Ph.D. in Engineering Economic Systems, Stanford University, 1987.


David Cariño is a research fellow at Russell Investments, where he conducts research on performance measurement and index methodologies and develops new index products. He has assisted numerous clients with multi-manager portfolio strategies and has served as director of investment strategy for Russell’s office in Sydney, Australia. David has published several influential articles on asset allocation and performance measurement since joining Russell in 1987. Most recently, he coauthored the book, Portfolio Performance Measurement and Benchmarking (McGraw-Hill, 2009), with Jon Christopherson and Wayne Ferson. He was the architect of the Russell-Yasuda Kasai model, an asset/liability management model using multi-stage stochastic programming, which received a 1993 Franz Edelman Award by The Institute of Management Sciences. His 1999 article “Combining Attribution Effects Over Time” received a Dietz Award by The Journal of Performance Measurement. He currently serves on the advisory board of that journal.