Steven Golbeck

Assistant Professor
Applied Mathematics


B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from New York University in 2001 and graduate degrees in Physics (UCSD,’04) and Finance (Alabama, ’07). Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences at Northwestern University in 2012.


Golbeck’s research interests are in developing stochastic models and estimation techniques for use in asset-backed finance, in particular equipment and real estate financing. This research has involved numerous branches of applied mathematics, such as stochastic simulation, PDEs, and stochastic differential equations. Before developing an interest in finance, he carried out research in elementary particle physics, studying the symmetry properties of bound states of quarks. Steven has also provided extensive consulting support for an ongoing study of export credit guarantee pricing in the aircraft sector since 2008. Before joining the UW Applied Mathematics Department, where he is focused on the Computational Finance and Risk Management program, Steven lectured at the University of California, San Diego and Northwestern University.