UW Medicine Compliance


UW Medicine Compliance oversees the development, implementation and monitoring of UW Medicine’s HIPAA compliance program.

UW Medicine Compliance is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring developments in the regulatory environment and recommending institutional program modifications as needed
  • Serving as the primary source for technical expertise regarding HIPAA related issues
  • Developing and disseminating program policies
  • Designing effective education and outreach mechanisms, auditing plans and methodologies, and procedures to ensure the effective intake and handling of complaints
  • Ensure effective administration of program requirements and timely handling of complaints
  • Collecting and synthesizing data needed to report on program operations and initiatives, maintaining and disseminating data regarding the completion of mandatory training, and maintaining a master issue log
  • Providing quarterly reports to UW Medicine leaders on ­­the overall status of the HIPAA Compliance Program
  • Serving as official point of contact between UW Medicine and the regulatory agencies responsible for enforcing HIPAA
  • Briefing appropriate institutional officials regarding urgent or emergent issues, critical events and disclosures made to federal or state regulatory agencies
  • Assessing risks and developing strategies to minimize or mitigate exposure

The HIPAA links in the menu should provide you with the information you need to comply with UW Medicine’s HIPAA policies and procedures.

HIPAA Contacts

If you need further assistance or have any questions about HIPAA privacy or security issues, click here for for the Privacy and ID Theft Prevention contact information.

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