UW Medicine Compliance

Business Associates

A Business Associate is an individual or entity, that is not a workforce member of the University of Washington, that performs a service or activity “for” or “on behalf of” the University of Washington or UW Medicine, with or without compensation, that involves protected health information.

Tools to help department managers, contract owners, and Materials Management teams with understand Business Associate agreement requirements:

  • Business Associate Checklist for Harborview Medical Center
  • Business Associate Checklist for the University of Washington

When a Business Associate is required, the Business Associate Agreement language can either be incorporated into the contract or added as an Addendum. The Materials Management department or UW Medicine Compliance will assist you in this work. The Business Associate agreement for UW Medicine and the UW Health Care Components are available here: UW Medicine Business Associate Agreement

Additionally, we have some Frequently Asked Questions for Business Associate agreements.

Although the University is not required to train Business Associates on our Privacy policies, UW Medicine Compliance has created a Vendor Confidentiality Agreement that managers can have employees of Business Associates sign.