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Environmental Health, Safety & Security: Everyone’s Responsibility

Providing a safe and healthy campus environment is everyone’s responsibility. The success of the University’s environmental and safety management activities requires the active involvement of individuals through participating in training, abiding by established policies and procedures, reporting hazards and potential violations of regulations, and contributing to process improvement activities.

The Relationship Between Safety and Compliance

It is the responsibility of each operating unit to conduct operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to implement the University’s environmental and safety policies.

With the guidance and assistance of central campus offices identified below, these responsibilities include, but are not limited to: training, informing employees, students, and visitors about workplace hazards and safety procedures; conducting inspections and audits; correcting violations; investigating incidents and complaints by employees and students; proper storage and disposal of hazardous materials; enforcing policies (including appropriately disciplining employees and students who violate environmental and safety requirements); and appropriately documenting activities and processes.

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